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Auto towing and auctions for cars, trucks and more in Anchorage, AK!

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When it comes to auto towing, Riggs Towing and Recovery in Anchorage, AKhas you fully covered for all your towing, hauling, impound and auction services. For full towing and recovery assistance, call Riggs Towing and Recovery.

Our experienced and knowledgable staff can help you with questions about any one of our services. Our team of drivers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for roadside assistance. Our goal is to see the satisfaction on our customers faces!


Auto towing and impound can occur in any city. The Anchorage police department can tow a vehicle for several reasons:

  1. Cars and trucks are often impounded when they are determined to be abandoned.
  2. Cars and trucks which have a number of delinquent parking tickets are eligible to be impounded by most cities.
  3. Cars and trucks which block or otherwise endanger or impede traffic are subject to being impounded.
  4. The police department may impound a car or truck when the driver is under arrest, when the vehicle itself is evidence of a crime or when the vehicle is going to be searched.


A vehicle can be repossessed or seized for a number of reasons in and around Anchorage. Before this occurs, an auto towing company like Riggs Towing and Recovery will be called to tow the vehicle. Then, it may be taken to an impound lot where it will stay until recovered. If it's not recovered, then it could go up for auction. Repossessed car auctions can be found online, through banks and private auction houses. 

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